Friday, March 12, 2010

TBREIA Meeting-Internet Marketing

Thursday night is Tampa Bay Real Estate Investors Association meeting night at Perkin’s Restaurant. Last night’s meeting featured speaker Jenna Waites on the topic of internet marketing for business. I just started pursuing this avenue to build business a few weeks ago based on the number of people I talked to that saw huge increases in revenues after giving it a try. It was a very interesting and informative evening.

Jenna covered all the basics: the huge numbers of people now on the internet, why they were using the internet, why it was important for any business to have a presence on-line, the avenues available for businesses to capture more customers and how to develop a strategy to make best use of internet resources. The why’s and how’s of using traditional web sites, blogs, social media such as FaceBook and Twitter, networking sites like LinkedIn and other resources like Google Local Search were all touched upon. Local groups with regular meetings for this purpose were also brought to our attention.

I just started this blog with a business slant two weeks ago, opened a Twitter account 1 1/5 weeks ago and put up a FaceBook page for my business last night immediately after the meeting. The blog and Twitter have already driven significantly more traffic to my business web sites and my on-line real estate column for For 1-2 hours per day of effort, and less time in the future as I figure out how to better streamline and integrate the different pieces, I think this will be a very profitable addition to my business marketing strategy. It was all very quick and easy to get started and all 100% free except for the time involved and I would highly recommend exploring this approach to everyone.

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