Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fun writing tomorrow’s mural article

Tonight I have been having a good time researching and planning an article for I wanted to write about Clearwater,s new economic stimulus grant to paint several outdoor murals in the East Gateway neighborhood. The problem was tying the murals into the real estate topic my Examiner column. What came to me was that murals enhance the value of the real estate. Now I had a good local topic with a real estate spin and could take a photo in the morning of the empty wall where the first mural will be painted this coming weekend.

Because the new murals were not really enough material for a complete article I started researching other murals in Clearwater. As with many things about Pinellas county that turned up many interesting twists and turns. There is a tackle shop on Ft. Harrison with game fish painted on the outside walls that I have driven past many times. I did not know that the fish are still there because the ACLU helped the shop’s owner sue Clearwater for violation of first amendment rights when the city called the fish an “advertising sign” and fined him for code violations. There were a few other murals that I did not know about. So now I will have a slide show to go with the article instead of just a single photo.

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