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Links that I use often for knowledge, inspiration, content and whatever else I might be looking for.

Real Estate Blogs - A directory of real estate blogs and blog sites of industries affiliated with and serving the real estate industry.
 The Marketing Tech Blog
Al Suseoff, Jr. Real Estate Investing Blog
Useless Knowledge - Useless Knowledge Magazine is an online magazine updated daily since August 8, 2002. As a pioneer of online magazines, we have published more than 10,000 exclusive articles and columns written by hundreds of different writers from all around the world.
Seeking Alpha- Good stock market investing information and also FOREX.
Alternative Energy-Information and investing ideas.
The Freelance Writing Jobs Network-Source of ideas, creativity, inspiration, etc...
Jetson Green-Environmentalism meets real estate.
Dumb Little Man-Just like it says - "Tips for Life".
Today's Energy Solutions-More industry information and investing ideas.
PhysOrg-All the latest science news of all sorts.
Rare Earth Investing News-Hard to find news on this specialized mining sector
Tampa Business News-Business & real estate news for the Tampa Bay area.
The Consumerist-A great source of news, looking out for all of us
IdeaMarketers-More of my articles from another source
REIClub-a huge source of real estate investing information 
Energy Boom- Up to the minute information on alternative energy
Florida Image Tools- My photography blog 
Green Photo Chef - Where I post links to all of my on-line writings

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