Monday, April 19, 2010

Rehab update

I continue to make progress on the rehab on Ewing Avenue in Clearwater. This morning I finished the electrical(six new boxes and receptacles on two different circuits) in the rear bedroom. The new framing is also complete and ready for sheet-rock to go up. Tomorrow the new closet doors will be installed and I will start removing popcorn texture from the ceiling.

It looks like I will be able to start putting up the new sheet-rock by Wednesday, maybe not until afternoon. I want to be able to do the bedroom and the new kitchen ceiling at the same time so that I can tape all of the joints at the same time. Then those two rooms plus the front bedroom can all be painted together as well.

After that will come the bathroom. The plan now is to tile the entire room from floor to ceiling. A new vanity will be installed along with new plumbing fixtures. The ceiling still needs a thorough check but will probably come down and be replaced with fresh sheet-rock and light fixtures.

I will continue to shoot short videos as this project goes along.

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