Saturday, April 17, 2010

The rehab progresses

I have been spending at least a few hours almost every day working on 1585 Ewing Avenue. The framing for a new drywall kitchen ceiling is done. Framing for new bedroom drywall is almost complete and I finished the electrical upgrades in that room today. Drywall repair in the first bedroom is almost finished but I still need to enclose the main breaker box.

This morning the kitchen cabinets were removed from the wall to give access for electrical upgrades in that part of the house. Receptacles will be changed to GFI,s and moved to accessable ares, wiring will be concealed and cabinets remounted correctly. A previously repaired area behind the kitchen door will get a built-in shelf unit to hide that area - the wall material is no longer available and cannot be blended in. Additional lighting has already been added to the kitchen. The wall area behind the range/sink also needs repair.

See the first video of what it looks like now. I will update the videos regularly as the project progresses.

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