Saturday, October 30, 2010

My new commitment to writing

I have been writing an on-line real estate and real estate investing column with a focus on the Saint Petersburg area for for nine months. I started The Zen Estate blog to share my interests in both real estate and “green” stock market investing. A more recent addition is the Florida Image Tools blog concentrating on photography tips and personal experiences relating to Florida. I also contribute occasional personal opinion articles to and “green” articles to Greenwalacom.

The writing has been a thoroughly enjoyed pleasure, but inspiration and time have sometimes been lacking. This has led to short contribution gaps at both Examiner and The Zen Estate. I have worked hard on my schedule the past few months and arrived at a better place that seems to be working for me. My original goal was to post three to four articles and/or photos per week at each destination. I have now consistently achieved that goal for three months.

This morning I am rededicating myself to a new writing goal. Having seen a direct relationship between the frequency of new posts and number of readers, particularly at, I am now committing myself to a minimum of six new articles at each outlet every week. I am looking forward to this new challenge and will no longer accept time constraints or lack of topics as excuses.

I have recently expanded my stock market “green company” portfolio and am about to greatly expand that again next week. While taking considerably more time to manage the larger stock portfolio, I am also anticipating a wealth of new article material for this blog as things progress. I am setting aside at least one hour each early morning for quality time with my cameras and will continue to use that material for Florida Image Tools articles.

Please give me relevant feedback on blog post and articles so that I can continue improving the content. I welcome any ideas for new topics of interest. I am currently completing an in-depth on-line course covering options trading techniques, at which I am a complete neophyte. The first book review went live on Florida Image Tools this morning and I anticipate many more book reviews on a range of topics. What do you want to hear about? What do you think about what you have seen so far?

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